Wednesday, November 8, 2023

No Longer in CO - HH

Tuesday - The overnight stay at the Walmart was good. Fairly quiet as it closed at 11. This morning, I picked up some groceries. Mostly perishable items as we were limited to what fit into the portable fridge/freezer. 

A little after noon, I finally arrived in Texas (after a short jaunt through Oklahoma). The generator got a good workout today as the batteries were down to 5% this morning. I had the generator charging the batteries for around 5½ hours before they were fully charged. This was at 70-80amps so they were pretty discharged. Around 1:30, I turned on the roof A/C as it was 85°F. 

I arrive at my overnight stop around 3:15 or so. It is a winery which is part of the Harvest Host system. A reasonably flat parking spot, fast WiFi, and a nice glass of red wine to end the day with. 

Tomorrow, I split the distance to Hondo. I requested a stay in Sweetwater, TX, at another Harvest Host. 

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