Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Hondo, TX

Wednesday - We left Lubbock this morning before sunrise. The hotel had a decent breakfast. Most of today’s driving was on secondary roads and, going across Texas takes a long time. 

We arrived at our RV lot around 3pm and unloaded the action packers and plastic bins from the trailer but left the Ural loaded. We then headed for Bridget’s hotel near the airport. She is flying to Fairbanks on Friday. 

The shop called and said that the motorhome runs great. The computer needed a bit of tweaking to get rid of the boost error. There is a leak on the hydraulic pump possibly something like an “O”-ring. So almost ready to pick up. I decided to stay here in San Antonio for the night and take two days to drive back to Colorado as it’s 978 miles according to Google. From Fort Collins to Hondo, it was 997 miles. And I’ll pick up the RV on Monday morning. They should have the leak fixed by then. 

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