Thursday, October 13, 2022

Visiting Friends

Wednesday - We visited Robert and Sonja at their beautiful home in Oro Valley north of Tucson. I had known Robert when he worked at UAF and have been following their adventures on FB. Including their RV trip (towing a Jeep) to Fairbanks this past summer. 

This morning, I started to install the RV Lock on the front door. There is a “calibration” hole to get access to a 7/16” nut to adjust the DOT latch. The existing opening was too small to allow a socket or nut driver access to the nut. I used the Dremel to enlarge the opening enough to get a socket in there but it needs more clearance as the nut isn’t centered in the hole. 

After meeting Robert and Sonja, I started to remove the refrigerator. I got all of the wiring disconnected, and the mounting screws removed. One side would come out but not the other. After a lot of looking for additional screws, I discovered that gobs of silicon were glueing the back of refrigerator to the plywood. What kind of incompetent dealer would do that? Pretty clearly, Parkway in Georgia…

Tomorrow, I’ll try to cut away the silicone from the back. It would be easier if the plastic access panel could be removed but there are gobs of silicon caulk on that as well. The lesson is, never take your RV to a dealer for service. Frustrating…

Dinner was a CurderBurger from Culver’s. Basically a

Thursday - After my morning coffee, I walked down to Walgreens to get my flu shot. My doctor had instructed me to get it around mid-October. Walgreens is only around 3/4 mile so it’s convenient enough. And 74°F is a nice temperature for a walk. I have plenty of projects to keep me very busy. 

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