Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Mt. Lemmon

Wednesday - This morning, we drove north of here towards Mt. Lemmon. The first picture is Thimble Peak with Tucson in the background. The temperature kept dropping as we gained elevation. The road went above 8000' and the temperature had dropped down to 49°F. Pretty nice even with the wind. 

The rocks were pretty impressive on the way up. The pictures don't really capture what it looks like. The colors aren't accurate.
This last photo is from the bottom of a ski lift (still closed). On the way back, we stopped at a national forest visitor's center and there was a note on the whiteboard that their first snow was ten days ago. And there was more than one ski area up here. Given its proximity to Tucson, it must get pretty crowded up here on the weekend.

While we were heading back, I heard back from JC Refrigeration and they said that it sounds like a bad Dometic control board. I ordered one of their control boards which actually mounts inside of the refrigerator. Until then, I just have the compressor wired up to run full time.


  1. I must check out Mt Lemmon next time I'm in the Tucson area.

    1. It was pretty nice up there. There were more bicycles on the road than cars but they rode on the shoulder. No issues at all. And they were as fast or faster than the cars on the way down.