Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Sunday - It looks like cooler weather has finally arrived! High temperatures in the 80s again will be nice. We haven’t seen those temperatures for quite a while. And lows in the 60s will be a nice change.

We spent the morning with KathyK at a craft market east of here and also stopped at a nursery complete with alien staff. Not very talkative…

Monday - Wonderful morning temperature. Made breakfast outside on the Blackstone griddle then sat talking to the neighbors before the morning test session (9:00 AKDT). 

Around noon, the refrigerator vent fan I ordered from Amazon arrived. I had it installed on the side refrigerator vent blowing outside air into the space behind the refrigerator. The old fan was installed above the condenser blowing air up. A better setup but would require removing the refrigerator to install. I’ll move these fans to that location when the compressor retrofit is installed. 

It has a thermocouple to sense temperature but I currently have it running at maximum speed on manual to see if it helps lower the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer. 

 - The original plan was to go on a bicycle ride this morning. With the morning thunderstorms, it’s been postponed. This storm wasn’t even in the forecast!

That little storm just sort of sat over this area for quite a while. Today’s novelty was no A/C needed all day long! This is the first time in a long time that we didn’t need to run the A/C.

And another task, adding distilled water to the four golf cart batteries that provide 12VDC to the RV. They took about 1½ quarts. 

 - We went for a bike ride this morning along Pantano Wash initially heading north until the path ended around Costco then south to Golf Links Rd. Nice path and nice temperatures. 

There was a movie scheduled in the activity center called Cry Macho at 1:00. Free popcorn and soda. There were only about six or seven people but it was a decent movie that I hadn’t seen before. And the popcorn was fresh. 

We went to a poké restaurant for dinner. Delicious! It was near Costco so we stopped there for a few items including a bargain $4.99 cooked chicken. 2.7 lbs without bones…

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  1. That looks like quite the large viewing screen! I should start heading south from Colorado sometime near the end of the month so I am happy to hear the temperatures are cooling.