Saturday, October 15, 2022

RV Refrigerator Conversion - Part 2

Friday - After I finished installing the interior pieces including the ice maker, I tested the refrigerator and it seemed to run fine. Both the refrigerator and freezer plates were getting cold. So Bridget and I put the unit back into the opening. It was a very tight fit. I finally ended up asking our neighbor for a hand and we got it all the way in. 

When powered up, I noticed that it kept cycling on and off. After measuring the DC voltage at the refrigerator, it dropped to about 10.5VDC when the compressor was running. The 12V wiring was inadequate. Too small of gauge for the distance. Well, I was planning to run a new DC run to the basement refrigerator/freezer anyway and the built-in refrigerator is just above it. 

For now, I bypassed the controller until my wiring order gets here from Amazon. We’ll just continue to use the portable units for things that shouldn’t freeze. If the freezer is too cold, that’ll be fine. 

To be continued…


  1. Great job diagnosing the issue, not sure I would have figured it out.

    1. Hopefully, that’s the problem. I didn’t have 20’ of wire to test a solution. We’ll see. I have the 8AWG wire about half run from the battery compartment and should be able to finish tomorrow.