Sunday, October 23, 2022

Uneventful Days

Thursday - An uneventful day. It started out cool but hit 88°F by mid-afternoon. Participated in two test sessions and received an email from JC Refrigeration that the new control board is being shipped out 2-day UPS. The new controller board doesn't use any of the controls on the top of the refrigerator. But, since I am using a couple of the wires for my microprocessor, I will be tapping into the 12V feed when I connect the new controller. 

Friday - Another uneventful day. I finally dug out my can of black spray paint to cover up the scratches on the door from the Dremel. I may end up using it to paint the wood I’m using to shim out the refrigerator on the inside. The refrigerator trim is black so this sort of matches. The wood shop here at the park has a router table and will be open Monday morning. I think I’ll round off the edges. 

 - Just a graph from the HomeAssistant monitoring the refrigerator temperatures. The built-in ice maker still has water running down the back of the freezer so I unplugged it and will probably disconnect and plug the water line just to eliminate potential freezing issues.

 - Another uneventful day. Much nicer (cooler) weather today with a high of 74°F. I replaced the cheap MC4 connectors that I used to connect our solar panels to the charge controller. After just a year and a half, they were looking grey and weathered. It was an easy replacement as I have the tools with me to easily replace the connectors. I don’t know how it may have affected charging but I wanted to replace them before they became brittle. The connectors that came pre-installed on the panels still look great it was just the cheap batch I picked up on Amazon that look weathered. 

A few months ago, I had picked up a "smart power strip" on Amazon. I finally got it integrated into the RV home automation server, HomeAssistant. I can now use automations to control AC devices and USB charging. Not sure what to start with. Maybe Christmas lights...

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