Friday, October 14, 2022

RV Refrigerator Conversion - Part 1

After prying, cutting and scraping, I got the back of the refrigerator loose from the gobs of silicon. I don’t know what they were thinking. Once it was loose, the refrigerator slid out of the opening. 

We put it face down inside the RV and started to remove the absorption unit. The only part being reused is the control board which includes the thermistor inside of the refrigerator and possibly the ice maker. We haven’t decided on that just yet. 

The old absorption unit is now sitting outside and time to clean up to get ready for the new cooling unit. 

Another example of the incompetent dealer (Parkway) tech. The unit comes with a thermally conductive mastic and a can of insulating expanding foam. The tech used the thermally conductive mastic to insulate the gap between the rigid foam. Why would you use anything designed to transfer heat as insulation? What world do these people live in?

The new unit is mostly on. I just need to squirt the expanding foam around the opening then seal it with aluminum tape. The wiring comes next.

I’m pretty sure it’s wired correctly but I will double check tomorrow morning before connecting to 12VDC. I didn’t follow the directions exactly. They had the circuit board mounted higher up. I wouldn’t have been able to access it from the outside compartment opening. I also added the temperature sensor on the ground side for the heat wire for the ice maker supply line. I’m considering moving the fans currently mounted on the compartment cover to the inside of the roof vent blowing up and out. 

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