Saturday, October 8, 2022


Thursday - Another minor chore was defrosting the freezer. Since we will be upgrading the refrigerator next week sometime, I wanted to get all of the ice melted since it'll be lying face down on the floor with the doors removed. After the late afternoon rain, it was a pretty nice evening at the pool. There was still some lightning about fifteen miles northwest of here occasionally lighting up the clouds but it was nice here.

Friday - Since the freezer was defrosted, the freezer temperature actually got into single digits again! I guess the ice is a pretty good insulator. While we will be doing the upgrade, we borrowed a portable compressor refrigerator/freezer from Mike and Kathy. Currently, it has most of our freezer items and our compressor refrigerator/freezer will have our refrigerated items. The upgrade will take over a day since it needs to sit upright for at least 12 hours to let the oil drain back down to the compressor in case it was ever inverted while being shipped. I already have been contacted by FedEx about the delivery on Tuesday late afternoon or evening. 

This afternoon, Bridget saw a FB message that corn and tomatoes were available here in the park. We walked down and the produce looked fantastic. Especially the tomatoes. While we were there, a storm came through and this area got dumped on. Some of the hail is shown in the next picture which was taken behind the RV.

The water flowing down the street was curb to curb. A lot of water. Plus, it dropped the temperature quite a bit. People around us were digging out their sweaters.

Saturday - It was a wonderful, cool morning with an overnight low in the mid-60s. So I was able to lead a test session while sitting outside using a large step stool as a table. It is nice to be able to use the outside space again. 

After the test session, I washed the Jeep. This RV park doesn't prohibit it as long as you don't leave the water running and don't wash the car on the street. I used the RV pad behind us as they left much earlier than planned. 

In the afternoon, there is a demonstration of a remote test using special software. Right now, I'm waiting for the Zoom session to start and it's a good opportunity to write a blog post. To pass the time, I just took one of those FB trivia tests where they guess your education level. Perfect score and the software guessed Ph.D. Guess their software needs some work...


  1. Speaking of cool temperatures, it's going to be near or at freezing the next few nights at my new location, I know it takes at least 12 to 20 hours of temperatures in the teens before the water in my freshwater tank will freeze so I should be okay. Daytime temperatures are supposed to be in the '50s.

    1. Buena Vista is still pretty high up isn't it? I wouldn't be too concerned about the water tank itself just the water pipes themselves. It would be simple to just blow them out with compressed air at night if it looks like some serious temperatures are forecast.

    2. I am even higher up now at 9,000 ft plus. Previous experience camping in cold weather have proven that the inside pipes do find as long as I keep the temperature above freezing. The only thing that freezes in such a short interval is the feed pipe for the water from the freshwater tank since it is exposed outside. The forecasted lows that are 32 and below are for only 2 hours each time so I think I will be okay.