Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Day 42, 43, 44 - Harlingen, TX - TT

Monday (42) - We spent yesterday afternoon visiting with longtime colleagues and friends from Fairbanks, Jo and Bev. They are at an RV park to the west of us and have been enjoying the TX weather for the last couple of months. The park they are in still had quite a few activities and classes running unlike the one we are currently in. I do appreciate them having the pool and hot tub open here but I think that’s about all they have open. 

The wind was really noisy last night and I haven’t figured out what was making all the noise. The slide toppers are all tight and there doesn’t seem to be anything loose or flapping around. Maybe I should check out the roof later. This is the current temperature at 11am. Not too shabby. I’m sitting outside in the shade of the RV as it’s still too windy to put out the awning.

The mirror was an easy fix. Just a matter of popping out the screw covers and tightening the bolts. With the generator tray extended (via hydraulics), it was easy to get to the nuts on the backside of the front cap. I’ve pulled out the storage tray several times over the last week or so and it sure is nice to have it stay on the tracks. Adding the washers to move the track really did the trick. It's nice when repairs are straightforward.

Tuesday (43)
 - Only 66°F this morning so it’s nice to sit outside while having coffee. The humidity is still on the high side at 86% but it feels good. Several people were talking about the postponed SpaceX launch yesterday. Their Boca Chica launch site is just southeast of Brownsville which and is about 30 minutes southeast of here along the ocean. They picked a spot that was as far south in Texas as they could get. The high winds were enough to scrub the launch. Today, there is heavy fog right now but should be clearing. But the YouTube video says no launch today.

The Anchorage radio club sent me a coffee mug with my call sign on it. It's on the sides not with the club logo. I had another test this afternoon and another one is scheduled for later today.

After the first test, I went to sit in the pool for an hour or so. It was 84°F. Both water temperature and air temperature. The morning fog had burned off so it was pretty warm in the sun. By 2:30, I needed to get back to the air conditioned RV. 

Wednesday (44)
 - Bridget had an appointment in Corpus Christi so we took the opportunity to look around. We’ve driven by several times but we were in the RV so we didn’t stop. We went to the walk along the bay and the USS Lexington is there as a museum. We didn’t have time to take the tour. Maybe next time. 

We had lunch at Whataburger. Avocado bacon burger. Not too bad...


  1. That's cool that you're so close to the Lexington....I highly encourage taking the tour next time you're there. Not that I've been on her but have been on other carriers for work and they're awesome ships to check out.

    1. We didn’t have time on this trip but it’s definitely on our radar now.

  2. I would definitely tour the ship. I’ve only done one other ship tour, and it was smaller, but really interesting.