Monday, January 11, 2021

Day 27, 28, 29 - Columbus, TX - TT

Saturday (Day 27) - According to the weather app, it was down to freezing last night, I had switched to the heated water hose yesterday. Probably not really needed but I figured that it couldn't hurt. The propane furnaces did a decent job heating the RV though I did drop the front temperature down to 65°F and had the electric radiator up there as well. The furnace didn't run all night which was the goal.

The water level of the river seemed to drop a bit more. Kind of hard for me to tell l since I rarely look at the river from the same location. It just looks like there is more ground showing. Today's walk was only 1.65 miles as the first hame radio license test session ran long due to Zoom issues. We learned that if you "boot" someone out of a session, they can't reconnect later unless a flag is cleared on the meeting configuration which is only accessible through a web portal not through the application.

Sunday (Day 28) - I think this is the warmest it’s going to be today. It’s snowing to the west and north of here. I think that it has been raining on and off since about midnight and will be continuing throughout the day. The furnace has been getting a workout but at least the front heater is actually working. The air from the vent under the sink is putting out 100°F air where it wasn’t putting out any air before. The living room is a very comfortable 70° according to my HomeAssistant temperature sensor. 

There has been a gradual cooling trend that started yesterday and continued all day long according to the HomeAssistant outside temperature sensor. This sensor is about 3’ above ground level in the open space behind the propane tank and the diesel fuel tank and the storage bays. The temperature is moderated by its surroundings but I wanted to find a location protected from the elements.

Monday (Day 29)
 - Another chilly day but at least we didn’t get any snow like other areas in Texas. We heard that it snowed at the last RV park we were at in Athens. I don’t think that snow here is a fluke it’s just not that common. The forecast looks like there is a slight warming trend which is nice since we are planning on tourist-ing on Wednesday.

Did a 2.5 mile walk after the first radio test of the day. The trail section was pretty muddy in some sections requiring some detours through the brush. The water level in the river seemed lower than the last time which seems odd given yesterdays rain. This is a nice park for walking around and the trails are nice and quiet. I think Bridget said that this was some sort of wildlife preserve. The only wildlife we’ve seen are deer and birds.

Time to get ready for the next test session. Volunteering for these test sessions are really a nice diversion and an opportunity to do something useful with my license.

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