Thursday, January 21, 2021

Day 36, 37, 38 - Harlingen, TX - TT

Tuesday (Day 36) - This is much smaller area than the Colorado River TT park. More a trailer park with a bunch of RV spaces. One lap of  every street is only 1.1 mile so two laps this morning. 

It’s 73° and 86% humidity so kind of muggy while walking but with the breeze (wind?), it’s pretty nice to sit outside. I signed up for a ham test today since the pay Internet seems fast enough. At the TT, it was free but it also didn’t work really well either. 

I still ended up using my phone as a hotspot during the test. Apparently, the WiFi bandwidth was too variable for Zoom. 

Wednesday (Day 37) - A rainy morning today but it should be clearing up later. So the humidifier was working overtime. Right now, we have the A/C on even though it isn't that warm outside. It does reduce the humidity significantly. I have most of the HomeAssistant server rebuilt though I never made a backup of the ESP32 configuration. I guess I'll just have to open up the box and see how I wired it. This is the only different microprocessor I used. The ESP32 will do PWM in hardware so I wanted to try it out for dimming the LED lights. It also supports capacitative touch, something else I wanted to try out. 

Two more test sessions today and now I’m relaxing in the jacuzzi. I have not seen anyone else using it since we arrived. Maybe it was the wind and the rain. 

Thursday (Day 38) - Nothing notable today. Another test session just after noon. Slightly misty this afternoon but the jacuzzi is nice and warm. I only did one lap through the park due to the damp conditions but I’m only 3 miles from completing the January “challenge”. This is another of those challenges for a virtual award. If they keep me active that’s a good thing. 

I think I have all of the bits and pieces done on the HomeAssistant configuration. Now, I just need to backup the individual microprocessor configurations. One addition I’m thinking of is a switched 110VAC outlet in the wet bay to power a small electric heater based on the temperature. It seems like an easy project. 

I also made my airline reservations to go back to Fairbanks on March 11th. This will be 87 days. 

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