Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Day 30 - Columbus, TX - TT

The cold night (27°F) was followed up by a nice morning. Once it was above 40°F, we switched from the propane furnaces to the heat pump. The last couple of days, we used around a quarter tank of propane for the two furnaces. But they’ve did a reasonable job of keeping the RV warm. This is something that they struggled with in the past before the repair. We will need to switch back to the furnaces around 10pm as the temperature will be in the 30s (°F). A few days ago, we had to use the furnaces all day as it never went above 40°F. 

On my walk this morning I ran into quite a few deer. They must be used to people as they barely acknowledged me walking by. There were quite a few groups about this size totaling around twenty or so. 

This mornings walk was slightly longer than yesterday’s and I avoided the really muddy areas. I did stop at the office to get a jacuzzi reservation for the afternoon. That’s where I’m writing this post. I just finished one test session and have another one later this afternoon. That’s sort of my average day. 

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