Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Day 23, 24 - Columbus, TX - TT

Tuesday (Day 23) - Another 70°F day here at the TT campground. I was VE for another radio exam while sitting outside under the awning. The other VEs were from Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Alaska. All have been experiencing freezing weather. At least I didn’t have green grass in the background. No virtual background needed for these Zoom sessions. I mentioned that I was going to be headed to the pool shortly.  Was that a bit much...

I went for a couple of bike rides today as well as another walk around the park. The walking is preparation for a virtual 5K race that I signed up for on April 15th. I figure that 5K is a reasonable goal given my current shape. 

Wednesday (Day 24) - The day started out warm but rain is in the forecast for this afternoon. I took a shorter walk today and picked up a time slot for the hot tub later this afternoon. I find it hard to pass up. This wagon is at the entrance to the park. I don’t know anything about it but I liked the metal wheels. 

There was another ham test this afternoon. I believe the group has administered over 400 remote tests so far with a failure rate of just under 10%. This compares with the failure rate of the paper based tests of 28%. 

The video below is a very short capture of the water running off the roof of the RV during the storm this afternoon.


Bluekat said...

Ha! Should do those videos while lounging on a floatie in the pool. Although I suppose electrocution and fried electronics might be an issue. 🤔

RichardM said...

I just thought that there was a lot of water flowing off of the roof. With a lot of standing water in the campground. It was all gone in about an hour.

SonjaM said...

With torrential rainfalls like this... shouldn't you be building a boat?

RichardM said...

I guess the Houston area gets a lot of rain but it gets absorbed into the ground pretty quickly.