Monday, January 4, 2021

Day 20, 21, 22 - Columbus, TX - TT

Saturday (Day 20) - An 240 mile driving day. Just about all of it on Texas state highways no interstate. We are at a TT park about an hour west of Houston.   There is no WiFi here at the park so we’ll be relying on Verizon only. I have some amateur radio exams scheduled but even when we had WiFi, I needed to switch to Verizon as it was more stable. 

This park has their hot tub open but you need to make an appointment as they are limiting access. Apparently it isn’t too busy as I nabbed a spot for 4:00pm. They clean between appointments. It was a relaxing drive and we were given a 50amp site when we arrived. The prior tenants left a couple of days early and those on the 50amp waiting list didn’t want to switch sites. It’s not that we need 50amp but it sure is convenient. 

Sunday (Day 21)
 - I walked down to the river this morning. The weather app indicated that it was much higher than normal due to the rainfall last week. I guess I expected the water to be a bit higher. It was really muddy which suggests that there was quite a bit of runoff. 

It hit 70°F today which is a nice change from last week. Hopefully we get some decent weather for a while.

Monday (Day 22)
 - Another late morning walk. This was on the trail following the perimeter of the TT park and was around 2.5miles. Not a lot but I haven’t been walking very much and it felt warm at 66°F. It’s supposed to hit 75°F today which is a nice change. 

This is the tent camping section of the park. The river is behind me and it’s around the bottom-center of the above map. 

There are quite a few deer in this park. And that seems to be the norm with these Texas campgrounds. I rode the bike around the same trail I had walked this morning. Much faster though the mud made for some slipping and sliding. I don’t think I picked up any thorns in the tires.


  1. Looks like a nice spot to hang out for a bit. 75 sounds lovely.

    1. It's a pretty relaxing place. The nearby town is small but has most of what we need. And Houston is only about an hour away. We are planning to visit the Manned Space Flight Center next week sometime. We kind of avoid doing much on the weekends.