Thursday, May 14, 2020

Day 99 - Pendleton, OR

Another long driving day. I think it was about 556 miles or so. All on one tank of fuel. I filled up a couple of miles down the road from the campground and the display said 13%. It took 82 gallons. When I filled up in Fallon, it said 14% but only took 76 gallons. I think it’s actually full this time. Even there were a lot of steep grades today, the engine temperature never varied from 195°F. The outside air temperature hovered in the low to mid-50s all day. This RV just doesn’t like “hot”. Kind of like us. Though Bridget did keep asking if I had the dash heater on (I did).

The free WiFi here at the campground doesn’t work very well but it looks like there is a monthly option. I’ll look into that tomorrow. We have a nice view but it is pretty crowded. Everyone here is monthly or longer. 


  1. Sheesh 550+ miles and you already got a blog post up. whew!