Thursday, May 7, 2020

Day 92 - Casa Grande, AZ

Thursday (92) - We we’re out before 9 in the morning and it was already 90°F. It’s not supposed to be as hot today. In reality, this is a parking space with utilities. This park is also pretty new, is 55+, and no RVs older than ten years old. We needed to send in pictures before they would approve our reservation. Given the emptiness, I don’t think they are that picky at this time of year.

This morning, there was one other RV. A 5th wheel from Alaska. And he knew my brother from when they lived in Nome. Small world. But they left this morning headed for cooler temperatures north of here. Starting Saturday, the highs were going to be in the 90s (°F) so that will be nicer. We are using our Passport America membership here so our stay is half-price of the already discounted off-season rate. We are in the transient area for short term stays. The half-price rate is only good for six days.

There are numerous decorations around the park including a large cactus garden near the entrance. Maybe I’ll wander over some morning. Like most RV parks catering to retirees, there would normally be quite a few activities plus access to things like wood shops, computers, and sewing rooms. The Internet is reasonable but it is $15 for the week that we are here. It’s fast enough for streaming media.

Too bad the pool is still closed. There is a sign saying that the closure was ordered by the governor of AZ. It does look nice with a outside area and you can see the pool continuing indoors on the left.


  1. Wow it is empty! The cactus garden and pool look nice, too bad you can't swim, especially with temps in the 90s. Better than 100s!

    1. Too hot to hang around AZ I guess. It sure would be nice if the pool was open!