Saturday, May 16, 2020

Day 101 - Pendleton River Walk

There is a walkway along the dike next to the Umatilla River that flows through the town of Pendleton. We parked near the deserted and padlocked Little League fields which is at the southern end of the path. We walked up to the halfway point just past Main Street before turning around back to the car. It was a nice trail with nice views of the river. It looks like the dike is to keep flood waters out of town and there is evidence that the water level gets high enough to almost flood the town.

Halfway and back was 3.58 miles. Rain is in the forecast for most of the next week so we will do the other half of the trail later on. After all, we are here for a month. We picked up some groceries at Walmart and, like in AZ, all of the employees wore masks and just a small percentage of the other shoppers. And most people ignored the direction arrows in the aisles.

We looked for a car wash in town but didn’t find any that was still in operation. Maybe tomorrow’s project if it isn’t banned by the RV park. This blue heron sculpture was downtown right around the halfway point of the river walk. 


  1. Replies
    1. It was nice to get out again for a walk. It was too hot in Arizona and the only place to walk in Texas was around the RV park. Everywhere else seemed to be private property.

  2. Looks like a pretty walk. I love exploring these paths that pop up here and there in towns. Possibly a rail trail?

    1. The train tracks are further inland from the river. This trail is along a dike for flood control. According to the news, this river flooded last February which accounted for all of the debris we saw along the banks of the river.