Monday, May 11, 2020

Day 96 - Casa Grande, AZ

We went to Walmart this morning. The number of people wearing masks was interesting. 100% of the staff and maybe 15% of the customers. Even though the majority of those customers were in the group that should be concerned.

We sort of have a plan beyond head for anywhere cooler than here. Tomorrow, we are stopping at Pahrump just for one night. I wanted to check out the park that we had made reservations back at the end of March. Then canceled them since we were stuck in Texas. The plan is to continue north through Nevada. Bridget got campground recommendations from Lori of Tom and Lori RV Life and Jen of Dan and Jen Nevada. Both used to live in Nevada before going full time and have traveled this route often. Just having an outline of a plan seems to feel better. Nevada has a 14-day quarantine which, we were told, means stay in your RV. If we don’t hear from the RV park in Pendleton by the end of the week, we will probably stay in Nevada at least through Memorial Day weekend.

Later in the afternoon - I just got off the phone with the RV park in Pendleton, OR. They have a monthly spot for us!


  1. I assume your day of travel was a good one. OR sounds better than AZ as temps warm. Weirdly it was 84 in Fai Sunday. I was not prepared for that, but we had nice ride out to Birch Lake. Mask wearing is hit or miss here. I'd guess 50/50 more or less. Good travels to OR my friend.

    1. Thank you! Even getting to Pahrump was a good thing temperature wise. It was 64°F this morning and between 64°F and 72°F all day long!