Friday, May 15, 2020

Day 100 - Pendleton, OR

The Verizon speed here seems to be plenty fast. I attended a AARC board meeting via Zoom last night. Before all of this, I hadn’t even heard of Zoom before. I think that they are getting pretty well established. For a while, the Fairbanks ham club will be having all of their meetings via Zoom as their meeting place is shut down for the Summer. They are even working on ways to do their annual Hamfest virtually.

This RV park has cable but the over-the-air digital channels are much better and over half of them are HD. The analog cable looked like TV in the early ‘70s. I just disconnected the cable. The front turn signal lens is still solidly glued so it survived the heavy rain that was intermittent all day yesterday. We went by the Pendleton Wool factory and was surprised that the store was open. Today is their first day back open.

Today, the governor of Alaska extended the mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving from outside the state until June 2nd. The change added 2 weeks.


  1. Oregon already? Well, that's less than 2,500 miles to go, another 4 to 5 days and you could be back home, right?

    1. We are here for a month than see how things go. Right now, we would be permitted to cross into Canada to head north but have to be fully self contained. Only stopping for fuel. No food, no contact with anyone. In the Yukon, 24 hours max and they give you a list of fuel stations that you are allowed to stop at. If you stop at a hotel, then the mandatory 14-day quarantine in that spot. And, nothing has been said about crossing into Canada headed south. No recreational travel is permitted. So no driving to AK this year. We plan to stay in the lower-48 this Summer except for air trips home for appointments and other tasks.