Thursday, July 11, 2019

Working on the Truck

Wednesday - Finally got the snowplow mount removed from the truck. Since it was originally installed by TrailerCraft, I didn’t have any installation documents. There were some weird things but I figured it out. The bumper and plastic trim needed to be removed and the intercooler needed to be either loosened to allow clearance for the bolts. Pneumatic impact tools are a wonderful thing when you are working on a project like this. Upon reassembly, I was able to re-install the tow hooks that had to be removed for the plow. I must admit, the tow hooks were missed as there are few places on the front of the truck to hook anything.

Thursday - The heavy smoke from the surrounding brush fires has made working on anything problematic. I had picked up a cold last week while on the camping trip and the smoke isn't helping anything. It's supposed to be raining this afternoon but that comes at a cost. The weather service is projecting wind and lightning, not a good thing

The new problem of the week is a problem with the Ural clutch. I mentioned last week that I needed to adjust the cable. Now, there is no amount of adjustment that can be done and just riding from town yesterday afternoon, I ended up getting home with basically no clutch. I think it is the release mechanism but I didn't feel like digging into it yesterday. Getting the plow mount ready to be delivered to the new owner was more important.

When driving to the coffee meetup, I noticed that the speedometer wasn't working and the ABS error light was on in the truck. I figured that I forgot to connect something somewhere. On the way home, I figured out that there was probably a fuse missing as I had simply removed the odd power connector for the snowplow. It turns out that it was plugged into the ABS control fuse and was tapping power off for the plow. It just needed switched power for its own control module. After inserting a 10 amp fuse, no more ABS light and the speedometer works again...


  1. Nice catch on the fuse issue. As to the Ural clutch, how many miles on the current plates? You're probably right in that it's the clutch release rod mechanism....sounds like what happened to mine, several times.

    1. Not too many. I replaced the clutch when I did the engine rebuild. Not very many miles since then. Maybe 20k km...