Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Georgia Aquarium

We have been staying with (former) motoblogger Lori and Chris at their home outside of Atlanta. This afternoon, we ventured downtown to the Atlanta Aquarium which is next to the convention center. Back in the 90’s I had volunteered for the Networld+Interop show to work on their network. It was a great learning experience working with many other volunteers from around the world. The picture is is a huge whale shark traveling with its entourage of smaller fish.

There was a puffin display within the Cold Water Quest section. One of several sections within the aquarium. They didn’t focus on just the local area like some other aquariums we’ve been to. We saw a dolphin show that highlighted how the dolphins were motivated to perform on command. Pretty interesting.

A large turtle in the Ocean Voyager exhibit. This is the same tank that had the whale sharks. There is a tube allowing visitors to walk along the bottom of the tank. Plus, for an extra fee, they would fit you with wet suits, mask, and snorkel for an up close and personal view.

Beluga whales in the cold water section. They looked bored and were regularly rubbing on the window and the rocks within the tank. I’m guessing that there isn’t much to do in there as this tank was smaller than the Ocean Voyager tank.

Chris, Lori and Bridget watching the seals. It has been great to see them again and to see the progress on the expedition vehicle. It looks incredible and much roomier than some other builds. It’s not like you can go to a dealer and pick up something like this. On Monday after our early morning arrival, Lori drove us to the RV dealer two hours north. It was nice not having to deal with Atlanta traffic when you are exhausted.

Last picture. Beautiful jellyfish in the Tropical section. The background color and lighting make this display look identical to others that we’ve seen during our travels. But no less striking.

The Georgia Aquarium was a fantastic place to visit. I wish I was feeling better. The cough is still hanging around. 


  1. Looks like a very cool aquarium....did you guys pony up the extra fee for the wetsuits? :)