Sunday, July 7, 2019

‘Tis the Season

The season for fires. This was around 8 this morning. It wasn’t this bad last night but since there are multiple fires around us, the wind will always bring in smoke. The picture below is from the interactive map showing current fires around the state.

I still have some work to do on the Ural as I hadn’t done anything since returning from Dawson. Maybe time to do something...

Changing out the front brake pads is pretty straightforward. Remove a couple of small spring clips, pull two pins from the caliper, replace pads. Then put everything back. Maybe five minutes. I also readjusted the clutch cable as I had removed the slack at the lever end of the cable earlier since it was easier.

Tomorrow, I’m taking the snowplow down to Healy to deliver it to its new owner. It’ll be a slow trip down as you want to minimize bouncing. But maybe I’ll get out of the smoke. Since we aren’t really planning on spending much time around here when it’s snowing, the plow needed a better home. 


  1. Sold the snow plow? Looks like your are preparing your (winter) escape in earnest.

    1. Yep, sold the snow plow. Last year it didn’t get any use. This year, it looks like it wouldn’t get any use. Times change...

  2. Richard, are these wildfires or controlled burn-offs in forest plantations? If they're wildfires, what triggers them - lightning?