Thursday, July 25, 2019

Wandering Around GA

The Coca Cola Museum was right next to the Atlanta Aquarium but we didn’t have the time or energy to venture there. They did have this cool display which starts with an empty Coke bottle that gradually fills up. Not just as a graphic but more like an image with the fluid level bouncing its way up in the bottle. After it sits full for a while, it slowly drains. Kind of cool. There was some discussion about going to the Ferris wheel but we were still kind of wiped out from the trip.

On Wednesday, we drove into the mountains to the north to the town of Dahlonega. We went to the gold museum. I didn’t know that there was a gold rush in Georgia. After all the “easy” gold was found, many miners took off for the California gold rush leaving companies willing to invest a lot in underground mines to continue the search. We then headed into the mountains to this waterfall. This was taken using the long-exposure feature on the iPhone.We then went back into Dahlonega for a late lunch at the Bourbon Street Grill. Absolutely fantastic food. I’d say that it had better flavor than most of the meals I had in New Orleans.

We then rushed back to Chris and Lori’s place to pack up and head back to the airport. I had listed 7:00pm as the time the car would be returned. Our flight is at 6:35am tomorrow morning so I used my free night on to stay near the airport.

A huge thank you to Chris and Lori for the wonderful hospitality and generosity.


  1. I've been to the Coca Cola museum, not a bad place to kill a few hours.

    1. I went to a Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta back in the 90s but I’m not sure it’s the same one. So many things have changed in the last 20 years.