Saturday, July 13, 2019

Smoke is Thinning

We have had a bit of rain over the last couple of days. Unfortunately, not a lot of rain and it did come with some wind, thunder, and lightning. I think it started a couple of more fires in southwest Alaska. There is a hint of blue sky overhead and this is the first time that we've seen the hills for most of the week. I've had a bad cold/cough for the last week and the smoke was not helping things at all. The rain also helped lower our miserably hot temperatures (my perspective). It is 73°F right now. I can deal with that.

My outstanding projects are finishing the porch, Ural clutch, and the rear fiberglass cap on the RV. A wonderful friend, Tim, offered to help me with the fiberglass as I had never done anything like that before. He said it's like a couple of hours a day and not a continuous block of time. I can probably finish the decking on the porch in a couple of days which includes sealing the cut ends of the board but would not include any benches or railing. The Ural clutch is probably not that difficult but it's kind of hard to justify spending the time. And, it’s looking like I may need to go back north again...


  1. Ural clutch is not hard as you say...but yeah, a few hours....assuming nothing goes wrong, stuck fasteners, etc.

    Glad the fiberglass repair isn't a major project....I wonder if its similar to using bondo....take pics!

    1. I wasn't feeling like working on it since I had cancelled my trip to the sidecar rally. Kind of lost motivation. And, still not feeling that well yet.