Saturday, February 27, 2016

BBBC #27

This post is part of the blogger challenge titled BBBC. Today's topic is:

27. Selfie, captured specifically for your post

A beautiful spring day in interior Alaska. It's reported to be almost +40°F so no heated gear, no heated grips and no heated visor needed. This picture was taken in the parking lot of the dog mushers hall where I had started many of the PBC videos. I think I had said in an earlier post that I don't take selfies so this may be the one and only. And taken just to satisfy the requirements of this challenge as I don't think my being in the frame adds anything to the picture except block the view. 


  1. I'd rather not have Richard post his picture because then all the ladies would start chasing after this handsome, smart, talented man. Sweet thoughts going your way, Richard, on fixing my Ural so I can go riding again.

  2. you are quite correct Bridget, he's quite the chick magnet! :)

    1. No cynicism there... Now where is the "block" button...

  3. This is one cool pic, Richard (and I don't mean 'cool' ins the sense of temperature).

  4. Richard, no problem, I'll slip that childhood pic into the age-o-matic, and presto, secret chick magnet persona revealed.

  5. Wow, so warm!!! LOL. I think selfies, used with discretion, are fun. But that's just me. Thanks for playing along. In case I haven't said that lately.