Friday, February 26, 2016

BBBC #26 and a Brief Ural Update

This post is part of the blogger challenge titled BBBC. Today's topic is:

26. How you make made a living.

Since I am now retired, my commute is from home to the College Coffeehouse to meet with a bunch of other regulars. Then run any other errands before heading back home.

Before retiring, I was employed by (notice that I didn't say "worked for") the University of Alaska as a regular employee since 1984. That's in addition to a couple of years as a teaching/research assistant. Until somewhere around 2006, I was part of the Fairbanks campus. After that I sort of became part of the Statewide Administration which is located on the Fairbanks campus. I have also been part of a project to provide Internet and other IT support for NSF funded research in Barrow and that is continuing even after I have officially retired from the university. It has been the best part of my job working with the dedicated researchers and the logistics support organizations in Barrow and I'm hoping that I can continue with that aspect of the job.

It may have been a good time to retire as today's headline had mentioned huge cuts at the university as a result of low oil prices. But it is only February. Things could change by the time the budget needs to be finalized.

Brief Ural Update - The parts have been ordered from Ural and they are expected to be shipped tomorrow.

  • Full gasket and seal set
  • Crankshaft
  • Left cylinder/piston/rings/wrist pin
  • Right piston/rings/wrist pin
  • Both main bearings
  • Rear main retainer snap ring
  • Camshaft
  • Front cam bearing
  • Four new style pushrods
  • Valve stem seals
And I ordered the deep sump and oil pump extension from Crawford Sales and Service.

Now time to start getting things cleaned up. The estimated delivery is sometime mid to late next week.


  1. Thanks to youtube and personal experience, I know what each of the items you ordered are and their function. The personal experience part leaves me unsure whether its an indictment on the QC done at URAL or a re-statement of the simple design of these engines.

    New style pushrods? What's new about them and since what model year have they been used?

    Was the rear main retainer damaged?

    1. I think that QC is not the problem but it's the old engine design. After all, slingers were used for years by BMW, as some like to say, but they stopped using them 45 years ago for a good reason.

      The new push rods are a single piece design, not aluminum, thinner and don't shed aluminum if they rub against the head gasket. I don't know when they started to use them. Maybe 2014.

      The large snap ring holding the rear main bearing is what I was referring to not the aluminum piece holding the bearing. And it just got bent while removing.

  2. I have no idea what you and Charlie6 are talking about. At least I work three jobs to pay for your parts.
    Friends, I'm just poking fun at Richard. I do work "three" jobs, but two are small. I am looking forward to riding in the sun now that spring is on its way here.

    1. The NF work does sound cool. My first thought when I saw your pars list as, of course, sounds expensive." I hope it isn't, and that it fixes what is troubling your rig.

    2. The NSF part was easily the most enjoyable part of the job.