Friday, February 19, 2016

BBBC #19

This post is part of the blogger challenge titled BBBC. Today's topic is:

19. Favorite snack food.

I think I can chalk this up to another silly thing as well. Since I didn't have any of my favorite snack food lying around, I felt compelled to make up a batch just so I have a picture to post. Doesn't that qualify as silly? Right now, I'm waiting for the butter to soften a bit before starting. Maybe I should make some oatmeal cookies as well just to give the illusion of "healthy"...

In case it isn't obvious from the ingredients, my favorite snack food is homemade chocolate chip cookies with nuts. In this case, made with Ghirardelli 60% cacao chips and walnuts. In case you're on a diet, they taste like reconstituted cardboard.

Ural Update  

On Friday morning, BruceW and I are taking the engine parts down to Delta to get Mickey's opinion and make up a parts list. So until then, nothing new. I will be pulling the timing gear off of the camshaft and try to pull the bearing as well but I may need to pick up a bearing splitter to get behind the cam bearing to use with the puller. Actually, the bearing splitter may be a good idea to use to remove the timing gear as well. To me, it looks a little fragile and I'd rather be pulling from near the hub rather than the edge.


  1. Richard you cannot fool me ... I can tell by their rippling, buttery appearance they do not taste like cardboard. But I'd go for the oatmeal cookies (add some raisins please) too!

    1. I didn't get around to making the oatmeal cookies beyond buying a container of fresh oatmeal to replace the box that had been sitting around for a couple of years. But I did forget to pick up raisins.

  2. I've always room for a good, even great, 'chipper and have to admit that oatmeal would usually get chosen first.

  3. Reconstituted cardboard, eh? LOL! I don't usually put nuts in my cookies, but I bet they're good with that dark chocolate. They sure look yummy!