Monday, February 1, 2016


Yesterday (actually today as I'm typing this on Sunday), a new blogger challenge appeared on The challenge is to do a post a day during February with the overall topic of each post predetermined. After agreeing, I realized that the Feb 1st is tomorrow (today?) and the first topic, for me, is a real challenge. Most of the pics on this blog are kind of like this one.

1. All About You (pics and/or words)

I had to look way back through my photo library to July, 2014 for a picture with me in it. I just don't do "selfies". This is right before my grandson left Alaska and I had promised him a ride in the sidecar, Bridget is holding on to him as we drove around the parking lot (in 1st gear). Photo taken by my son.

This one was taken back in November, 2013, taken by ChrisL from while we were in MN. (We go to the really warm and sunny spots for vacation) I prefer to be on the other side of the camera so not very many photos of me (thankfully!). With me is Bridget who's put up with me for the last 15 years.

I recently retired from the University of Alaska after working there for over 31 years having just about every computer job you can think of. I initially started as a physics graduate student back in fall of 1982 but after a year and a half, quit school and got a job, any job I could find, with the goal of making enough money to go somewhere else. I guess that never happened.

I enjoy traveling around. In the past it would've been backpacking, x-country ski touring, bicycle touring or just about any other human powered means but lately, things with engines seem to be the preferred. I guess this blog is kind of like a hobby. After all, this is post 1310. I initially started blogging in 2005 as part of a wellness program at the university. Back then, they hosted the blog, moved it to another platform hosted on the Juneau campus, then abandoned it in April 2007 after the wellness program was outsourced. By then, I was kind of hooked even though I was never sure what to write about and moved to blogger.

Well that's more than enough for topic #1.

Here are a couple of more PBC videos. Only two more weeks to go on the Polar Bear Challenge.

PBC #48

PBC #49

PBC #50


SonjaM said...

Well, I am very happy, that blogging became one of your hobbies, and that in fact we are sharing more than one hobby, Richard.

Nina said...

Scary how fast February came, we are definitely lucking out on the weather.

ToadMama said...

Sorry, Richard. The challenge was truly a spur-of-the-moment thing. And I didn't think of it until yesterday afternoon. LOL. Thanks for participating!

I love seeing the pics of you and Bridget. The picture with your grandson is adorable. But only 1st gear? Was that Grandma's or Dad's rule? Or maybe your own? It's amazing how protective we can be with little ones around.

I'm usually on the other side of the camera, and prefer it that way, too. It's funny how people will gripe about me taking pictures until there's a picture they want, like if someone dies. Then everyone's happy to have so many mementos around.

I'm going to have to read back through old posts to learn about this PBC of yours. I wouldn't make a very good polar bear.

RichardM said...

Thank you, the blogging seems almost to be an obsession at times.

RichardM said...

No, it hasn't come very fast. There are some who are lamenting that it should be summer by now...

RichardM said...

Yes, 1st gear. I didn't want to give his mom a heart attack. The PBC or Polar Bear Challenge is video, mostly vlog entries on YouTube by those riding motorcycles below freezing. The current points leader is a Utah rancher riding is GS for hundreds of miles at sub-zero temperatures.

Trobairitz said...

How good of you to accept the challenge.

Does having to go back so far make you think you need to take more selfies?

RichardM said...

Nope, no selfies needed as I still remember what I look like and don't need proof that I've been there...

David Masse said...

Oh dear Lord, thank you Kathy, this is going to be so much fun.

Does anyone know whether Richard can ride without the side-prop?

RichardM said...

Here is a little video taken by a ChrisL from when he stopped by to visit. YouTube video

Also, you can check my blog around July 20, 2012 through July 22, 2012 for some others that you can try and contact. ;-)

July 20th
July 21st
July 22nd