Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back in Barrow

This morning, I went to the Bowhead geocache located on the NARL campus and logged my visit. I thought about leaving the Travel Bug there but thought that maybe the KBRW cache would be a better location. Just before dinner, we drove out to the KBRW tower and looked for the cache and didn't find it. One of the maintainers of the cache was there so he theoretically knew exactly where it should have been. We decided that we needed to wait until the snow melts. Geocaching must be a summer activity, especially here in Barrow where the snow really blows around. After dinner, just on a whim, we went out towards the point to look for another cache but there was 8 feet of snow piled up all around the end of the road right about where the cache was supposed to be located. Oh well. It was a really sunny day and the office I was working in was pretty warm even with the windows open. No walking at all.

I have NetReg turned on on all but one of the subnets and I think we have things worked out enough to get it turned on tomorrow afternoon. Another activity is to try and get the APC UPS off of the pallet and moved down the hall to the server room to get ready for the installation in June. The other activity was to test the NetReg system to see if we can authenticate to a Windows Active Directory. This would allow you to use your domain credentials to register your machine on the network. This was also successful but we aimed it back to a Radius server until the scripts to automate account creation could be completed and tested. So far, this has been a very successful trip.

I mentioned yesterday that they had me in the NARL Hotel. Today, I was moved to hut 171. Not a bad place but still, there are 6 people in this small house. Pretty crowded. I brought one of the 700 mHz black boxes so I can continue to work in a more comfortable environment from the very warm office. Not real high bandwidth but more than adequate. Plus, the DSL connection was removed last week as a cost savings measure so others in the hut were happy to see the box there.

Wednesday Evening - I went back to the Bowhead geocache this afternoon to drop off Uncle Fred's Ring travel bug and I noticed that there was a lot of stuff in this particular cache. There was another travel bug there that needed to visit as many states as possible. It had been sitting in Barrow for quite a while so I went ahead and picked it up. At a minimum, I'll move it to another cache in Fairbanks.

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