Monday, May 18, 2009

Geocaching in Barrow

It is in the middle of breakup around Barrow and it is very muddy. One of the things I wanted to do while I was here was drop off a travel bug (TB) that my wife and I picked up while geocaching last week. One of the goals of the travel bug was to make it to Burr's virtual cache which is the Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial located near the Barrow airport. We stopped so I could take a couple of pictures to post onto the geocaching web site. Since whomever started this travel bug wanted a picture also taken at the actual crash site, which is about 9 miles SW of the town of Barrow, I'll deposit the TB in another cache up here in Barrow. The trip would me much easier once things either dry up or re-freezes.

Here is a closeup of the airplane in the middle of the monument with the TB. I had posted this picture to show that the TB made it to Barrow. Plus, it is a pretty nice monument. I'm told that the one at the actual crash site is pretty trashed.

The actual reason for this trip is to make a bunch of changes to the NetReg system that I had set up somewhere near the end of March beginning of April. It is important to be able to actually test the changes as they are made to avoid breaking things. I suspect that I won't get any walking done while I'm up here but after pushing myself this past weekend, I could use a short rest. They put me up in the NARL Hotel again this time. Pretty luxurious compared to the huts I've used all winter. I'm not really sure of the reason but I'm not complaining. Even with the shared bathrooms down the hall, they are still in much better shape than some of the huts.

Close up of the TB.

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