Friday, May 15, 2009

Cool, Sunny Morning

28°F this morning, but sunny and clear. The view of the Alaska Range about a hundred miles south of town was great. Unfortunately, every picture I take never really comes out very good. Maybe I need to get a better camera than simply my phone. Rode in on the scenic route again and now need to fill up the bike. In other words, I didn't ride my bicycle in today even though it's "Ride to Work Day", but then again, I saw very few bicycles on my ride in. I did pass by several other motorcycles including another old "airhead" around the same vintage as mine though it looked to be in immaculate shape. Yesterday, my bike was a little difficult to start and I'm wondering if the valves need adjusting again. I last adjusted them last summer and if they need adjusting again, I may have the valve recession problem that I've read about on some of the BMW forums. The problem typically shows up around 50k miles and mine has 59k. I hope not since it is kind of an expensive repair that I can't do myself. Hopefully, it can wait until the end of the summer if I do have the problem.

Before noon today, I walked to lower campus and took the scenic route. I then continued on to College Rd for lunch. On the way down, I noticed that I forgot my medicine in my office so I took the extra long route back to my office to try and compensate. The ski trails are just about completely dried out and it was a very nice walk. My bg level is completely normal which makes me think that maybe I need to take a long walk every afternoon. Since I'm at the university over 10 hours each working day, I have plenty of time to take long walks. I used to take walks several times per day when I first started walking more. It was much easier for me to take a number of short walks instead of the real long ones. Now, I tend to prefer walks ranging from 5 to 10 miles. If it is shorter, I don't feel like I've worked hard enough. Of course, I could run but that brings a whole slew of other issues. I picked up a new pair of walking shoes yesterday evening so this was the first walk with them. Overall, they feel great with enough cushioning when walking on pavement. They have a lot of ventilation so maybe I should keep my old shoes for trips to Barrow or cold days (like today).

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