Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Beautiful Fairbanks Day

It was another beautiful day. I took a long walk after church today. Up Ballaine Rd to Red Fox, to Pearl Creek then back home via Eton Blvd. I really like this loop since there are a lot of hills and except for Ballaine, traffic is pretty minimal. The new shoes feel pretty good though like any other new pair, I feel a little sore near the bottom of my shins. By the end of the walk, it felt much better. Over the 11 miles, I averaged over 4 mph. I'm happy with that pace especially considering all of the hills. This evening, I went for a motorbike ride since I still needed to get some gas. I didn't wear the riding pants and I really felt exposed. Not doing that again. They announced a ride on the 31st today at church. I missed the group ride last year since I was in Barrow. I'm headed up tomorrow and again the second week of June so I'll definitely be here.

Only 60 more miles to 2000 miles on the Nike+ site.

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