Thursday, May 28, 2009

2000 miles on the Nike+ Gadget

Today, I made my Nike+ mileage goal! No t-shirt option like there was for 1000 miles maybe because they figured that they wouldn't sell very many of them. According to the site, there are only 2,451 others who stuck around long enough to upload 2000 miles. This compares to the 364,885 that have logged 100 miles. I think people try the gadget out and for them it doesn't hold their interest. For someone like me, the geek factor holds my interest and I really do enjoy walking. The next milestone of 3000 miles only has 700 individuals in it. In case you are motivated to go for more, the 10000 mile club only has 15 people in it. It'll take me years to get there. Now, at least, I won't be so fixated on getting in miles walking. I still need to get ready for the Midnight Sun Run in a couple of weeks but for the last couple of days, I have been out walking just about every afternoon whether I felt like it or not. I still have my other goal to work, the 25000 calorie in 4 weeks (that's walking off not eating) and I am still ahead of schedule and 80% of the way there so it shouldn't be a problem making it. I have already met the Win For Alaska goal in their Get the Point program to get an iPod or GPS. No more walking goals for a while. I'll probably still walk at lunch time but I won't be so obsessive about it.

Now it's time for a bike ride...

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