Sunday, May 24, 2009


Last night, I picked up a product called NuStevia in the natural foods section of Fred Meyer. It is a natural, zero calorie sweetener packaged in small packets. I heard about stevia from and I figured that it was worth a try. I generally use aspartame in my coffee and using a natural option just seems like a good idea. I have never had any sort of reaction to the artificial product in all the years I've been consuming it as many others have had. I'm trying it out in my coffee right now and it tastes great. Way better than Splenda and it sweetens about as much as Nutrasweet which seems sweeter than straight sugar. So far, I like it. I've read on the Internet (after all, everything you read on the Internet is true!) that stevia has a bitter aftertaste but I'm not tasting anything like that. Maybe too many years on the artificial stuff... On another note, this morning was bright and sunny like yesterday and was above freezing (just barely) so I took the scenic route through the Goldstream Valley into the university. It adds only about 12 miles to the trip but it was a wonderful ride. I was warned about a couple of moose hanging around the end of our road but there was none to be seen. There was very little traffic this morning and when I pulled into the U, the place looked deserted. Wednesday afternoon - Went for a walk at lunchtime through the ski trails to & from lower campus with a side trip to a Chinese restaurant just off campus. It isn't sunny anymore and there was a cool breeze blowing. Still it was another 4½ miles towards my 2000 mile t-shirt. I finally got some information on this Saturday's Heart Walk, and it is only about 2½ miles. It is for a good cause and I'll look for just about any opportunity to walk somewhere. One thing that I really need to do is replace my shoes. They have well in excess of 1500 miles on them. Many web sites say to replace shoes much more often than that. Plus, my left heel is a bit sore after this noontime walk. Even though the distance isn't that significant. Maybe tonight...

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