Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Dreary Day

Last weekend, Spring really sprung. The leaves started to come out on the trees and just about all of the snow melted. Yesterday and today are a reminder that it is only Spring and not Summer. This morning, it was right around freezing and I chose not to take the scenic route in as I had done many times last Summer. Not that I was really cold but my visor kept fogging up and there is still a lot of gravel on the road. The University is in the process of doing a lot of cleanup of the grassy areas and they throw all of the gravel and dead grass on the road so there are some roads that are curb to curb gravel. You can't even see the pavement. It is only temporary since they clean it up but you never really know where they are working.

Got a little more walking in and signed up for the Heart Walk on May 16th. If you feel like donating here is the LINK. There is very little information on the actual walk, e.g. no maps or routes, just a mention to meet at Veterans Park (wherever that is) at 9:00. I think that is the one across the street from the old JC Penneys store on Cushman. May 11th-16th is Alaska Bike to Work week and May 15th is Bike to Work Day. It is kind of interesting that Fairbanks doesn't have anything planned or at least it isn't mentioned on the website. Anchorage and Juneau both have community support and activities planned. I don't think they mean motorbike so I will probably ride my bicycle at least on the 15th.

Later - I got another fairly long walk in over lunch today. Had a small lunch on lower campus then came back via the ski/walking trails. Most of them are still pretty wet and swampy but it was still a nice walk up. I guess in reality, just about any walk is a nice one. I am still motivated to walk just about any time that I can get away with it.

Friday Afternoon - Went for a nice walk at lunchtime down to the intersection of Geist and University Ave. There was a lot of activity in the Hutch parking lot with cars racing their engines. Maybe the seniors showing off their cars (lots of red cars). Kind of overcast and cool but still a nice walk. I'm at 852.84 miles for the year on the Nike+ gadget but I noticed that I'm starting to slow down as far as accumulating mileage. There has been a steady decrease in mileage every month since peaking in February. Not taking the bus has trimmed off over 60 miles per month. Now I have to almost go out of my way to walk somewhere. This afternoon, it would have been so simple to just ride the bike down to the restaurant instead of hoofing it but since I came in extra early for an audio conference, I figured that I had the time.

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