Sunday, February 1, 2009

WIN Get the Point

Today was the first day of the WIN Get the Point program. In case you didn't know, I like these sort of programs since I really need some kind of incentive to keep exercising. Today was a big day for walking, 26758 steps but only 5.6 miles on the Nike+ gadget (I forgot it for the walks to and from the campus) The web site for recording your activity doesn't seem to be working as I get a VBasic error while trying to log in.

On another note, at the ESCC/Internet2 Joint Tech meeting, there was a session this afternoon to get your laptop working with IPv6. They are not using stateless auto-configuration on the wireless network but using a IPv6 dhcp server. Mac's don't do well in this environment sine there isn't a IPv6 dhcp client installed as part of OS X so I had to install a dhcp client. Not trivial. But I did get it working eventually.

Update - The page is working now (both the WIN and the Internet2 pages!) I'm doing this update using the IPv6 only network. So far, the only thing not working is SSH.

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