Saturday, February 7, 2009

Walked to the Mall

I'm pretty tired now. I just got back from a moderately long walk from the hotel near the Seattle airport to the Southcentral Mall on the other side of the interstate. According to the Nike+, it was 10.91 miles (including a lap around the inside of the mall). There were a lot of stores in there and a couple that I actually stopped and looked around in but didn't find anything really interesting. Actually, there was something interesting. It was a tabletop inductive burner. It claimed to be 90% efficient. I need to do some research on those especially since there is a movement to replace the stove. It is a very nice mall, and I have to remember it for other times when we are in Seattle. I just wasn't looking for anything in particular. There are a lot of hills here in Seattle! I guess I'm spoiled walking around Fairbanks. Some were pretty steep and many of the roads didn't have sidewalks but did have reasonable shoulders. The drivers here seem much more courteous to pedestrians than those in College Station. Though they are much more aggressive towards other motorists. The vehicles are distinctly different as well. Here, smaller cars dominate with a lot of hybrids and in Texas, there were a lot more trucks. I guess that sort of fits the stereotype. Both locations had a lot of bicycles and Texas had much better bike lanes along the main roads and probably due to the warmer weather, Texas also had a lot more motorcycles.

It was pretty chilly this morning with fog and temperatures just above freezing. It did warm up on the way back but I still ended up getting really chilled. I stopped at a diner on the way back for some soup and coffee. Feel fine now but I hope it doesn't lead to a cold.

I already have 49.8 miles towards my 80 mile goal for the month of February and it is only the end of the first week. I had originally though that it was going to be difficult meetiing my goal since it was a short month and for the first week, I was at a conference. Usually, I don't get much exercise in. The treadmills in the fitness rooms here at the hotel in Seattle were both broken so I "had" to walk to the mall. It was the only thing interesting in the area.

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