Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Still Getting Exercise

I thought that maybe I wouldn't get any exercise while out of town but I've managed to not only get in fair amount of exercise but at a higher intensity level than when I'm at home. Today, after attending a nice reception, I ran for just short of an hour in the fitness center. Maybe at home it is easier to stop. Today, there were many times that I felt like stopping but I would just look at the timer and say to myself "just x more minutes" or "until the next commercial" and before you know it, the hour is done.

Also, today, I gave a short talk on the Barrow IT infrastructure that I have been working on for the last, I guess officially, 16 months. Unofficially, much longer than that. It is nice to have a project that is still exciting and interesting. This evening, plenty of people came up to talk about the project and others mentioned that they were looking forward to when this meeting will take place in Fairbanks. We are still working on that and tentative plans are for the summer of 2011.

I also walked back to the hotel from the college. It was a comfortable temperature. There won't be a bus tomorrow so more walking. For yesterday and today, 22.80 miles on the pedometer.

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