Friday, February 6, 2009

It ended up being a great Joint Tech meeting (as usual) with two good tutorials. I got a lot of my VoIP questions answered. I learned of an Asterisk distribution called AsteriskNow which is essentially an appliance. It includes a Linux distro with the software and has a web interface for managing the Asterisk server. It isn't suitable for a large installation do I will stick with my OpenSer/Asterisk installation for now though I will definitely play with this one. I may use it for the voice menu since it would be easier for others to manage. The OpenSER/Asterisk setup is pretty flexible. The IVR is the only problematic area with my current install and it turns out that it's because Asterisk maintains state. I.e. all the media runs through the server.

My "lightning talk" went well though I almost ran out of time. Several questions afterwards as well. They announced plans to hold the meeting in Fairbanks sometime in July, 2011. I'll need to work on that when I get back. Very enthusiastically received though some wished it was in 2010.

The DCN workshop gave me some "hands on" experience with the software tools used to reserve and deploy DCN. Specifically, Dragon and Oscars. I wonder if there are plans in place to use this software...

Friday Afternoon - DFW airport is much bigger than SEA. One lap of all the terminals is six miles versus 2 miles for SEA. One lap is probably enough. Alaska Airlines is in a disconnected terminal i.e. you need to take the train to the rest of the terminals.

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