Monday, February 23, 2009

Plugging Along

Today, I'm kind of feeling it from my attempt at running yesterday. Kind of sore and my legs feel a bit tired. This morning, I was running late and had to run to catch the bus. As is usually the case, I wasn't running late and ended up waiting for 5 minutes for the bus. I guess it is against my nature to be late even for something like catching the bus. Other than being a little sore, I'm feeling fine. I did end up signing up for the "Beat Beethoven" 5K race which takes place on April 11th. Now I have another goal. I know that right now, I won't be able to finish in 30 minutes. I think that I really need to do more outdoor running not only to get used to the idea of running outside (ice, gravel, etc.) but also get my legs used to actually pushing forward. It is very different from running on a treadmill. Plus the treadmill deck is somewhat cushioned so you don't feel the same jarring as you do outdoors. After arriving at my destination last night, I was really feeling it in my joints. It all went away after half an hour but did make me sit up and take notice. I've never had problems with my joints and don't really want to start now.

One of the reasons for this post is to try out a blogging package called Blogo. It is a Mac package that is supposedly much easier use. Up to this point, I have simply been using the web interface supplied by blogger.

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