Friday, February 13, 2009

99 Miles

I passed up last years walking total for February and only half of the month has gone by. This makes me feel good in that I can actually see some improvement even though I don't see much change in my weight. Since the beginning of the month, I've accumulated 98.91 miles on the Nike+ gadget. I don't think that the WIN for Alaska Get the Point program is providing much motivation for me since there is no sense of "competition" with the program. They do have some very nice prizes and the program is getting me to focus on better eating habits but it isn't providing me much motivation to exercise more. I've entered about 7 challenges on the Nike+ site and some of them are running really close. In some cases, I was ahead of others by only a couple of hundredths of a mile after a couple of weeks. The prizes are just virtual trophies but are still sufficient for motivation.

I am also plugging my way towards the 2000 mile mark using the Nike+ device and if you reach it, you get the opportunity to purchase a t-shirt marking the occasion. The number at each milestone drops dramatically since folks lose interest in the program. There are only 1700 at the 2000 mile mark. It drops very rapidly from there with 10 at the 10,000 mile mark. I'm only at 1200 miles right now. The other reason to explain the dropout rate is the battery life of the sensor. It seems to die after only 4 to 6 months. This is what happened to me. My last sensor only lasted about 4 months probably because the sensor is not buried inside my shoe. And Nike wants $20 for a replacement. Maybe I should take one apart to try and replace the battery...

Friday evening - Ran 6 1/2 miles this evening and feeling a bit worn out. No plans for this weekend.

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