Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Made My Goal

I just went past 200 miles today on the Nike+ gadget for the month! Even with my feeling pretty poor yesterday, I still managed to get some walking in. No running but walking was just fine. This afternoon, I had my first PT session and they gave me a bunch of exercises to do twice a day. Of course, I felt compelled to walk there since they are located next to campus plus it was a gorgeous day. It didn't start out very good with freezing drizzle but by mid-morning, it was looking pretty good. The good news from the physical therapist is no major injuries. Just need to plug away at the exercises. In addition to the afternoon walk to PT, I jogged on the treadmill for a total of a bit over 12 miles for today. I'm in one challenge on the Nike+ site where three of us are trading the lead for the past couple of weeks. I think after 200 miles, we are within a mile. I think that the total time was 58 hours so I must be walking/running about 2 hours per day. My walks to/from the bus is about 45 minutes per day and I usually spend a bit over an hour on the treadmill. Add to that some of the longer walks on the weekend and 2 hours sounds about right. Is it too much? This is the first time I've racked up that distance on the Nike+ but there were many months when I was double that on a pedometer. I carried a pedometer for the first half of the month and it usually registered about 70-80% more per week than the Nike+ which only gets used if I go for a "walk". Not the normal running around. I have noticed that I don't go out of my way to walk like I used to during the university's walking programs. No more using the restroom in the next building. If it's nice out I'll still take an extra loop here and there but nowhere near as often. Now, I just need to keep it up for a couple more months for the WIN "Get the Point" program. I probably should start using the Forerunner gps especially on some of the longer walks. The heart rate information may be enlightening.

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