Friday, January 9, 2009

Is Spring Just Around the Corner?

In spite of the very cold weather, I have been able to get in a reasonable amount of exercise. On Wednesday, I dragged out the treadmill and walked 5 miles. One of the reasons was to get my Nike+ sensor paired with my new-old iPod. I traded my 3rd generation Nano with my for a 2nd generation model. I always liked the size and shape of the older Nano better so it seemed like a fair trade. Anyway, I took the bus on Thursday and jogged on the treadmill on Thursday which added up to 8 miles. Today, I took the bus in again which means that shortly after I start walking on the treadmill this evening, I should earn my 1000 mile virtual award on the Nike+ site. I set up a goal this morning on the site of 80 miles per month. This seems reasonable and should be enough to keep me going for a while. I also entered a couple more challenges one of which is called the Great White North Treadmill Challenge. Most of the other participants are from Canada though there are a few from warmer states. It is interesting hearing of weather reports such as -48°C in Alberta. Someone in the building mentioned hearing on a radio show that it was -78°F in Northway, AK. I guess folks around here shouldn't be complaining about our weather.

Yesterday evening, while walking up the hill from the bus stop, I noticed that it was still light on the western horizon. We are now picking up a couple of minutes of daylight per day. It was nice to see it getting lighter. Is that a sign that Spring is just around the corner? According to the weather guessers, it is supposed to be getting warmer sometime this weekend. But then again, today felt colder than it did yesterday. There was even a slight breeze to mess with the temperature inversion that we had going. Inversions are a good thing if you live in the hills. While it has been 40 something below in town, we were "enjoying" -20°F at the house. The breeze will mix up the air eliminating the inversion.

Later - I walked 5 miles on the treadmill this evening and feel run down. I felt fine while walking but now, an hour later, I feel miserable. Almost like, "why bother"...

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