Monday, January 12, 2009

Non-resident Resident

The last post mentioned 40 below. This evening, it is almost up to zero (°F). It feels downright tropical! I couldn't take the bus today so I tried to compensate by walking longer on the treadmill. Unfortunately, it gets pretty boring after about an hour and a half. Oh well, five miles is better than nothing. Last week when I met with the WIN consultant, she mentioned something about me having slow twitch muscles. I have always tended towards activities such as bicycle touring, backpacking, long walks, etc. And I have never done well in activities such as running, climbing, bicycle racing, tennis, etc. Those activities which require bursts of speed. Makes sense to me.

Tuesday afternoon - It is up to zero again and it feels almost too warm to do much walking outside. I walked down the hill this afternoon and I felt really warm and I got overheated. Weird. Now I'm waiting for the shuttle back up the hill. I tried to register for a class and was told that I needed to apply for residency. I've been employed by the university for almost 26 years. I would have assumed that they knew whether or not I was actually here. Maybe time to start tele-commuting from somewhere without the -45°F temperatures...

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