Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Temps Starting to Drop Again!

Well, I'm sure glad that I got some outdoor walking in on Sunday since the temperature is dropping fast. Yesterday, it was only about -5°F and this morning, it was -31°F. I walked down to the bus stop and that wasn't too bad but the walk from lower to upper campus felt really cold. I guess I should've worn the snow bibs.

I walked 5½ miles on the treadmill last night putting me a bit closer to matching last January's mileage. Only 1.02 more miles. I should get that tonight walking from the bus stop. Tomorrow, I have to drive in since I need to stop at the clinic on the way in and tomorrow evening, I head to the College Station, TX, for the ESCC/Internet2 joint Techs meeting at Texas A&M University. The hotel is 2½ miles from the meeting rooms so I should get some walking in. I am taking two workshops in addition to the meeting. The first on the Dynamic Circuit Network and the second on IP Telephony. It should be a pretty busy week...

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