Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still 40 below

I think that it has been almost two weeks of pretty cold weather. I realize that there are many places in the world where it is colder, but for this part of the state it's pretty cold. No walking outside today though I did walk on the treadmill again this evening. I made up a challenge for myself on the Nike+ site. Walk/jog at least 80 miles per month. I know that I've gone much further than that in a month but most of it was just walking around. The challenge now is to actually do the distance on "walks" rather than just going down the hall. The WIN program starts up again at the beginning of next month so that should be an incentive. I don't really need any of their prize incentives but it will get me going nontheless. I think I'm up to around 25 miles so far this month.

Sometime next week, it's supposed to get up to 15°F. Should be a good opportunity to go skiing.

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