Saturday, January 3, 2009


We wandered around Amish country in PA. Plenty of horse drawn buggies including a lot of them doing rides for the tourists. We went to a smorgasborg in Intercourse, PA, for lunch but I just had a salad. An expensive salad. As you can probably guess, there were many items in the gift shops making fun of the name of the town. The food around here seems distinctly American but nothing really outstanding. Maybe that is what is distinctive about it. There are a lot of homemade breads and pasteries as well as home canned jams, jellies and pickled foods. We stopped at a farmers market in a town called Bird-in-Hand. Pretty good selection of stuff. The last time I was there, I picked up some sugar free chocolate so I picked up some more since they have a huge selection.

We then headed back to drop of my father-in-law at the home in time for him to get dinner. Since I need 6 hours between meals due to my medication, it is way too early for me. I think that my wife wants to play cards with him later tonight.

I had expected to see more motorcycles around since the weather seemed sunny and warm enough but I only saw one the whole day. It was a BMW R1150RT with a non-ATGATT rider. Jeans, running shoes, nylon jacket (no -riding) but he did have helmet & gloves. This would seem to be a great area to ride in with all the narrow winding roads lined with farms and woods. At times like this, I question living in Alaska.

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