Sunday, January 25, 2009

Running Outdoors

Even though it was about 0°F today, I really wanted to get some outdoor exercise. I walked one of my familiar Summer routes which went up and along a lot of back roads since the bike paths are pretty difficult to walk on. There was hardly any traffic so I was able to avoid the soft snow at the edge of the road. I walked the uphill sections and ran on the moderate downhills and flat sections. Ended up going about 6 1/4 miles in about 1:10. Not a stellar 10k time but for me, it was pretty good. I really need to run more outside since it is so different than running on the treadmill. I think I dressed too warmly as I was pretty drenched by the time I reached my destination. But I did manage to keep my heart rate up for most of the way (85%). If I started getting chilled, I would just speed up. What surprised me is how warm I was and had to run without my hat much of the time to avoid getting overheated. And had to periodically remove my gloves as well on the uphill sections. I was surprised that it wasn't very slippery even in those areas without any gravel. Now, I want to go running outside again. It felt great! Easier than skiing. No equipment required. Unfortunately, I didn't have my Garmin with it's heart monitor. Next time I guess.

So far this month, 113 miles on Nike+.

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