Friday, January 30, 2009

College Station, TX

I arrived in College Station, TX, after a long, not too unpleasant flight. It was still long having left home at 10:00 last night but I got upgraded. Surprisingly, I was able to get some sleep on the flights. There wasn't enough time to walk much in Seattle but I had a couple of hours in Dallas-Fort Worth. It was much larger than Seattle and just looping through the "B" and "D" concourses was a bit over 2½ miles. Only got one lap in before stopping for lunch. I was expecting more green here and was surprised at the snow coming into Dallas. It isn't real warm here but it's warmer than Fairbanks. I heading down to the fitness center to get in a bit of walking before having dinner.

Later - I still haven't made it to dinner but the fitness room here is pretty nice. I got in a bit over 7 miles today. I'm happy with that. After exercising, I don't really feel very hungry so maybe I'll skip dinner (as a meal) and just look for a small snack. I noticed that, for me, the transition between walking and jogging must use a lot of energy. While walking on the treadmill, the angle got up to about 12% to maintain a heart rate of 150. When I bumped up the speed by only ½ mph, the angle dropped down to ½% to maintain the same heart rate. Anyway, I jogged for 40 minutes this evening and walked for 25 minutes. A good workout for me. Time to get a snack and get rested for tomorrow. The workshop begins at 9:00 and it's about a 2½ mile walk from the hotel.

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